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In my book, you will read the story of Cali-R, the Motown and Soul event hosted in the Bedfordshire area by Sid Hudson and the Cali-R team. The book is written by me (Sid Hudson) and starts with my early life, covers the beginnen of Cali-R and tells how, as a teenager, the spirit of Soul Music touched me. You’ll read how I went from that teenager, to DJ, to DJ promotor and then to presenting Cali-R events.

Do you like good music, that Sweet Soul Music?

I asked the disciples of the old California Ballroom in 1997. They respeonded: ‘YES!!’ That was the birth of Cali-R, which has lastedfor the past 25 years. Enjoy the pictures and stories of the major Soul acts who performed at Cali-R, from the beginning right up 2022. 

Lastly, find out that the future holds for Cali-R while I celebate with you my expierences of years of those great nights.




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